We provide complete customer service for our clients at every stage of the project. The majority of our assignments combine: designing, producing and assembling our equipment whether they are single devices or complex installations. Our goal is to meet customers expectation that’s why we offer individual approach for every client.


We offer comprehensive implementation of production lines. We provide servicing assistance as well as designing and assembling installation, delivering devices and controlling apparatus.

Types of our production lines:

  • granulation line (granulating and drying) – wood pellet
  • granulation line (granulating and drying) – agripellet
  • granulation line (granulating and drying) – industrial pellet mill
  • RDF drying lines
  • fertilizer production lines
  • feed production lines
  • loose materials drying technologies
  • comminution, transport, industrial dedusting and storage



  • equipment Selection-consulting
  • design and technology- consulting



Milling machines

Milling machines through multiple cuttings are able to downsize any object or material, for exemple: sawdust, wood chips, green plants, hay, straw. 

We help our customers pick the right machine and its technical parameters.

Our milling machines: 

  • shredding machines
  • milling systems
  • rotary valves
  • fans
  • transport pipes and aspiration ducts (piping)


Motor cable transport machines

Cable transport is indispensable for every processing line and to produce it we use the following machines:

  • redler (type of a conveyor equipped with one chain)
  • bucket elevators
  • auger conveyors
  • scraper conveyor
  • slat feeding tables
  • moving walkway
  • belt conveyors


Pneumatic transport machines, dust collection

Pneumatic transport is a good alternative for motor transport especially when it comes to transporting dry products on long distances. If chosen carefully it is much safer option for the transported equipment. 

Our products:

  • cyclonic separation
  • cyclone filters
  • filters


Tanks, industrial and raw material tank

We help our customers pick the right size of the tank so it is adjusted to your needs.

  • forwarding tanks
  • buffer tank
  • storage tanks
  • drop (filling)
  • blending tanks



Our dryers are suitable to dry: hay, straw, sawdust, pomaces of fruit and vegetables, grass, lucerne, biogas station post-ferments, fertilizers, minerals and other powder materials etc. Drying is a mandatory stage of production for products that are going to be placed in a long-term storage.

  • belt dryers
  • drum dryers


Ventilation and dedusting system

We equip our lines in ventilation and dedusting which is sufficient fire protection system.