Technology of transport

Transport in production line is a coherent element which assures the continuity of production. Depending on the type of processed material, geometry of the hall building or individual needs of the client, we select a proper type of transport: mechanic, pneumatic or a combination of the abovementioned. Then we project and perform proper devices.


Mechanic transport is a basic form of transporting the material in the production line. It consists of reddlers, box lifters, worm lifters, belt currycomb feeders, feeding tables, movable floors and belt conveyors. They assure proper dosage of the material and continuity of its feeding, facilitate the production organization.


Pneumatic transport in production line is used as an alternative for mechanical transport. It is perfect for transport of dry products for significant distances at in the situation when the place of discharge and discharge of the product is separated by the storeys or other obstacles. Its proper selection increases the security of the devices’ operation and  and lowers risk of explosion.

The type of transport described above i salso applicable in  upneumatic systems of dust transport. These systems belong to components linies of aspiration (dedusting). The effectively operating dedusting installation allows for safe work of the device mechanic transportand other components of  the composition technological lines.