Drying technology

Technology of drying covers designing the system of drying respectively adjusted to the needs of the client. It includes, first of all, the input material and available sources of heat, and also geometry of the building of the production hall, available space, installations etc.


The driers offered by is suszarnie are applicable in drying: hay, straw, sawdust, fruit and vegetable pomaces, grass, lucerne, biogas station post-ferments, fertilizers, minerals and other powder materials. Such a preparation of the material allows for further processing (np. granulacjęeg. granulation) with the preservation of high quality and  good properties.We constantly improve our offer conducting research due to which we obtain perfect effects in drying fruit with even high humidity (up to 85%).


We perform belt, drum, viral (reactor) and even hybrid in order to in the result obtain the line with the highest capacity.

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