Dedusting technology

Dedusting technology involves designing and installing in the production line properdevices of aspiration. Dedusting in majority takes place due to maintaining&nbsptransport tracts aspiration sub-pressure and due to this eliminating dusting in technological line.

In connection with other elements of pneumatic transport the installation of the aspiration devices allows for safe operation of devices included in the composition of the production line. This is why it constitutes one of its most important elements.


We offer the project and performance of a full range of devices and dedusting systems and pneumatic transport. In our offer there are cyclones, filter-cyclones, filters and  systems of pneumatic transport of dust (ventilators, hatch valves, aspiration channels). The devices are used for pneumatic transport of powder materials, separation of the material from heavier, undesired elements, removal of dust from process air and repeated usage thereof which increases safety and improves smooth operation of the line.