POIR 2.3.2 „Vouchers for innovations”

CEDRUS Spółka z o.o. Sp. k.

realizes the project with no. POIR.02.03.02-04-0008/18
Under the title „Developing the technology of processing packed waste of animal origin”

The project co-financed by the Polish Agency of Entrepreneurship Development within  the program Operational Program Inteligent Development 2014-2020,
Sub-activity 2.3.2 Bony na innovations for SME

The purpose of the project is to extend the previous offer of the Contractor with the service of designing and performing the line for processing foodstuff waste of animal origin at the biogas station.

The result of the project will be innovative per national scale the service of designing and performing the line for processing packed foodstuffs waste. As a result of full implementation of the results of the project, the offer for designing an innovative line will be added to the previous scope of the Contractor’s services.

Value of the project: 485 850, 00 zł
Subsidy of the project from EU: 335 750, 00 zł