About us

Company History

We established Cedrus company in 2006, based on our experience which goes back to the late 90s. The company was initially focused on providing consultancy and marketing services in the scope of bio-energy as well as trading and completion of devices and lines for biomass processing. In 2007 we launched our own production of devices thereby significantly increasing dynamics of further development and growth of the company’s turnover.

In the next years the company was systematically enlarging its production, expanding the offer and consequently increasing the employment. The number of persons currently employed and cooperating with the company exceeds sixty.

Annually we build and equip a few production facilities. Therefore, we have a stable position and a large group of satisfied clients in Poland and abroad. Our relations are based on regular contact and help provided at each stage of the project. The satisfaction of our clients is best reflected in the letters of reference and by recommending us to other customers. 

In January 2013 we finished experimental facility, which allowed us to conduct research-implementation work and search for new technologies and solutions in processing number of raw materials. It enlarged our offer and made it possible to continue developing in the scope of construction and sale of technological lines.

Scope of service

  • Designing

    Our engineers and constructors team can develop the concept  of production technology of any kind. Preparing technological projects and documentation of both entire production plants and particular devices is a part of each designing process.

  • Construction of complete technological lines and  particular devices

    All devices are produced in our facilities or by our reliable partners. Upon request of our clients we construct complete technological lines in turnkey system or particular devices, such as: driers, grinders, mills, filters, containers, mechanical and pneumatic transportation systems, mixers, granulators, coolers, sieves, separators, sorters, raw material drop points,  automatization and visualization systems, fire prevention and sparks detection systems.

  • Assembly, launch, training, maintenance

    Both complete lines and particular devices are assembled and launched by our specialists. After launching, we provide training, supervision of production and professional guarantee and  post-guarantee maintenance service.

  • Existing facilities modernization

    We offer consultancy, modernization and extension of the existing facilities, built with different technologies in order to improve efficiency or to change the production profile.

  •  Carrying out tests and research

    In our experimental facility we can perform tests and  research dedicated to drying, crushing, granulation and transportation of variety of raw materials.

  • Advisory on project financing

    Thanks to the cooperation with a professional advisory company, we can help you obtaining financing for the projects in the form of subsidies or credits.